Top 25 Chaturbate Models in 2020

If you are looking for the top Chaturbate models, you are in the right place. Look at our freshly compiled list of the hottest cam girls on Chaturbate.

“No woman gets an orgasm from shining the kitchen floor” Betty Friedan would say. What she forgot to mention is that your imagination and little amount of money would. Check out these top Chaturbate models to make your deepest desires come true.

You will find a lot of unique girls in this top. Scroll down and judge them yourself! We have provided a rather diverse list. It is up to you now to choose the special one! Blow your daily concerns, allow your imagination to fly away, let these top Chaturbate models please your dreams! Use your imagination and exceed your boundaries, be your own boss, make your own rules!

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If you want to make the best out of the Chaturbate experience, you should tip the models. Most of the action happens when you tip them and in private shows. Private shows will also require tips from you. Be smart about tipping and read our guide on Chaturbate token value.

Criteria for ranking Top Chaturbate models

Our team did a significant research analyzing the most popular Chaturbate models. Throughout statistical measures and intense discussions, we considered the following criteria to select the top Chaturbate models:

  1. Chaturbate statistics of followers – if a cam girl is able to attract a lot of viewers, it indicates ability to satisfy various wishes or that the model is recognized in her niche.
  2. Popularity in the Internet community – we considered account popularity in the social network sites, as well as the content posted there.
  3. Age of the cam girl – if her age is on the clock, she is not ready for the… In other words, age plays a significant role for viewers when selecting their dream desirer. The selected cam girls are in their twenties (if we can trust these naughty ladies).
  4. Recent activity – inactive model will not satisfy your desires, therefore false-positives were excluded, as opposed to other websites.

Top 25 Chaturbate models

Enough of this, dive into these 25 top Chaturbate models. Be sure to follow them on the provided social media sites. We truly believe that at least one of these beauties will satisfy you!

25. Vanlave

Top Chaturbate model vanlave
  • She is not alone – couple’s room
  • Followers: 224k
  • Language: English

Check out her social media:

Vanlave has demonstrated her passion for shooting videos, while not being alone. She loves giving her viewers a real time experience while engaging a young and handsome man in her performance. Vanlave pleases him to please you. She also loves playing with herself when nobody is around. Vanlave is just in her twenties and full of energy for satisfying your desires. She plays with herself till the moment when showers start. If you have what it takes – be her guest.

24. Aveksmr

Aveksmr duckface
  • Followers: 241k
  • Language: English
  • Body type: slim
  • Breast size: F
  • Height: 5.5 ft

5.5 feet short cam girl, but the actions she considers takes you to wonder how is it possible! Her enormous tits are so juicy you can’t even resist yourself from staring at them. She does solo’s but can show off herself together with a partner. She is old enough to spin the roulette in Las Vegas. Aveksmr will give you the necessary pleasure to make your dreams come true. If you want to see some bouncing melons, visit her profile! By the way, she also loves riding her toys.

23. Clementine

Clementine with beautiful eyes
  • Followers: 252k
  • Language: English
  • Body type: slim

Clementine or Clem – you decide. Her gorgeous moves makes every viewer excited in a second, if not faster. She is proud of her small, but perfect ass, which gets demonstrated in almost every video. Her moves makes you wonder at what age she even started discovering her talents? You will beg her for taking off her clothes as fast as possible just so you can start chatting and dreaming.

22. Natashaa_10

Natasha10 in bed
  • Followers: 290k
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Body type: slim
  • From Colombia

Be sure to check out her social media:

Meet Natasha – a girl with origins thriving from sunny Colombia. She speaks both – English and Spanish and we know what an impact such combination can have… Natasha likes playing with huge toys. Sometimes you can ask her for showing the “real deal”. She likes mystery since different pages gives different age, however, you will never know the truth, if you will not try it yourself… Do not hesitate and approach this hot colombian model, who loves BIG surprises. Hint – she can handle more than one…

21. Evagomez

Eva Gomez with angel wings
  • Followers: 290k
  • Languages: English, Spanish and a bit of French
  • Body type: slim
  • From Colombia

Brown eyes, brown hair and thick body – what else do you need? Eva is in her mid twenties and has skills that surpasses even the most talented ones. Gorgeous Colombian smile and a clean shave will give you enough reasons for becoming her top fan. Riding black toys in a sophisticated manner is her “must have”, while performing in front of you. She tends to shoot nude scenes, while being out in the public, but don’t worry – she likes taking the risk. So, how about you?

20. Kirsten_xxx

Kirsten_xxx in ambient light
  • Followers: 312k
  • Language: English
  • Body type: Skinny
  • She has a tattoo

Make sure you follow her on Instagram.

Blond and skinny and full of passion – this blonde chick Risha (as she prefers) loves taking toys, while playing with herself simultaneously. She is in her twenties, but if you wish, she can very gently take it in, while looking right in your eyes. Her small, fragile ass will make you thirsty, excited and wanting for more. She also has two tattoos – one on her right feet and one on her arm – she is not afraid of showing them. She is one of our top chaturbate models, considering her amazing looks and enormous capabilities.

19. Eileen_rose

Eileen_Rose ready to take off shirt
  • Followers: 313k
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • Body type: Sexy
  • Coming right from the notorious city of Escobar – Medellin, Colombia

She calls herself a milf – can you do the same? If you are willing to see how hot Colombian cam girl, pardon me, cam MILF plays with herself, rides toys or licks her fingers before using them to do something, do not waste your time reading this post – approach her ASAP! She knows how to treat a real gentleman, and I suppose, you know what a real gentleman needs. Did I mention that she speaks Spanish as well? If not, then use your fantasy and dream BIG, while thinking about this hot Latina.

18. Sweetcobra

Sweetcobra posing for a selfie
  • Followers: 330k
  • Language: English

Be sure to check out her Twitter account to get the latest info on when she is live (it is not an open account)

Adriana loves everything about life, but we love her huge tits. They bounce whilst she plays with herself and we love both. Young Chaturbate model from Romania trying to find her king. You may wonder what is going on with the king? The king benefits from receiving exclusive photos and videos via Whatsapp, you just have to treat her right. But – she can be naughty, whilst grasping with her small hands that huge toy before playing with it. It can be up to you how she spends her evening, while dreaming about her king.

17. Fionnafineass

Fionafineass showing off her tattoo
  • Followers: 341k
  • Language: English
  • Height: 5.5 ft
  • From Canada

Be sure to visit her social media:

Fio is a babe in her late twenties from Canada. Before enjoying sweet thirties, she wants to feel young and wanted again. She has three types of toys – small, medium and extra large. Hint – she can handle all three. She has her own private room, so you will be able to whisper your desires and who knows – maybe she fits your imagination and will be able to please your dreams. What is the best about Fio? She is unpredictable, she can be chatty and she can be extra naughty. Oh, and one more thing – occasionally she tends to bring dudes to her performances.

16. Helloharley

Helloharley staring in your soul
  • Followers: 343k
  • Language: English
  • Real name: Darth Rose

Follow her on social media:

Curves + red hair = warning, try to keep it together. If you are into this kind of stuff – Darth Rose is just for you. She claps her huge cheeks, while riding a toy. She plays with her tits, while riding a toy, in other words – she loves toys and erotic scenes. Probably, she is one of the most erotic cam models on Chaturbate, therefore we highly suggest you to try her out. She loves role plays. If you dream about naughty nurses supporting you during hard times – she is the lady just for you. Helloharley has definitely earned a place among these top Chaturbate models. What are you still waiting for?

15. Emersoncane

Emerson_cane winking
  • Followers: 357k
  • Language: English
  • Body type:

Follow her on social media to get the latest updates:

Curves, curves and more curves – if you think you have had enough of them, you have not seen Emersoncane in action. Do you want some bouncy ass doing some work? Because it will work very effectively for your excitement. She loves to shake it, even perform some tricks, all you have to do – be gentle, be kind (as she specifically requests that) and treat her like a desired sweet. She also loves playing with her tits, since they look gorgeous. Spoiler alert – she has a small tattoo under her right breast! Do you have what it takes to be her master?

14. Eeeveee

Eeeveee in a nice dress
  • Followers: 405k
  • Language: English
  • Body type: Slim
  • She has nipple piercings, tattoos and various other piercings
  • Socially smokes and drinks

Check out her social media accounts:

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be involved in a real life foursome where the only guy is… umm… you? Eeevee does not wonder, she invites two additional chicks to her room and for the sake of you nails them both with her moves. She also adores backdoor toy fun. Her body is fit and we can guarantee you – for a girl who is just in her twenties, she is capable of handling BIG things. She also tends to wear an incredibly hot lingerie.

13. Wh4thefuck

wh4thefuck making selfie in a car
  • Followers: 421k
  • Language: English
  • Body type: Slim and all natural

Check her out on Twitter!

She is so bad, that her twitter account even got suspended. However – she has not stopped being naughty on her Chaturbate account. If you are willing to see a girl who knows how to be a naughty office chick – she is made for you, seriously. Imagine this – you come back from work, exhausted and tired and there she is – ready to do some magic. Do you also love watching how bad these chicks treat big things? She will even look straight to your eyes, while doing so.

12. Lena

Lena__ spreading her peach
  • Followers: 460k
  • Language: English

She is very secretive about herself and does not reveal much. I guess, the only way to find out more is to dive right in.

Lena, Lena, Lena – whatever you are up to – do not stop! Lena is in her mid twenties, with gorgeous ass and passion for pleasing both her gifts simultaneously. You know what else she can? She looks right into your eyes. She wants to please you. The rest depends on you. So are you in? Because she definitely is and she will not be waiting for you for too long.

11. Raquelle_star

Raquelle_star webcamming in her room
  • Followers: 496k
  • Language: English
  • Body type: curvy

Similarly to Lena, Raquelle is not very open about herself. But hey – there is a challenge in the approach!

So deep you can dive twice – no other explanations required. Penetration using enormous toys is inevitable with this bimbo. Stop searching for some crazy ass cam girls because if she can handle those biggies, be her guest, ASAP! She has dark, beautiful hair, which emphasises her curves and hips – perfect combination for even greater night. Can she twerk? Probably you should ask her…

We have heard, that she likes to give her fans free gifts, and that is very generous from so talented young cam model, with a huge future perspective. Try her or she will try others…

10. Moniqueeass

Moniqueeass in her bedroom
  • Followers: 503k
  • Language: English, Spanish, Italian
  • Body type: athletic

Follow her on Twitter!

Her Twitter is not available for the general public, but she herself cannot say the same thing. Jokes aside – you have to see her lingerie and the way how she takes off her clothes. So intimately, so passionately, so gently… It makes you wonder whether this even is a presence, since you feel like being in the heaven. Speaking of which – her eyes says angel, but her actions say hardcore devil. So it is up to you to decide whether you want to dance with the devil or not. Just pay attention to her moves, you will not regret it…

9. Twerkingbaby

Twerkingbaby in a photoshoot
  • Followers: 544k
  • Language: English, Italian, a little French
  • Body type: sexy
  • From Italy
  • Height: 5.9 ft

Be sure to follow her on Twitter to get the latest updates on when she is live!

She is an idol to all the young women out there – said no one and never due to her nudity and extra acrobatic body. This combination should be illegal. It makes men way to thirsty. In addition – she is from Italy, so expect nothing but hot dance moves and a clean shave. She claims to be very sexual – we think, that she is just naughty and ready to please you by performing in your desired way. Bella (as she prefers) is like a book with countless pages because she can provide anything you want. Even Avatar type of shit. 

If you will behave as a gentlemen, she even has a Snapchat account. Please don’t let her down, tip well and thank us later.

8. Hannahjames710

Hannahjames710 in hot lingerie
  • Followers: 646k
  • Language: English
  • Body type: athletic/petite
  • Lives in Spain

Check out her social media profiles:

She is not afraid of sinning, we can say that for sure. If you have seen a cam girl who is more capable of pumping showers while performing live – give us a message. If you are tired of these clean shaves – Hannah is for you. Natural beauty, they say. She is very experienced due to the amount of videos she has recorded. You can judge it yourself. We bet you haven’t seen so delicate finger touches, as Hannah likes to show.

7. Hot_princess_21

Hot_princess_21 in lingerie
  • Followers: 720k
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • Body type: athletic, skinny
  • Four chicks in one place!
  • Tattoos and piercings
  • Occasional smoking

Kataleya, Sophie, Lilly, Arantza and Emma – FOUR or FIVE Latinas in ONE video. Yes, this is not a scam, it is a reality, it is happening, it is doable. 4 Latinas (sometimes 3 or even 5) playing with each other on a daily basis. They might start moaning. However, it does not mean they stop playing – it is just the beginning. It is like playing with the fire, you won’t understand what is hot, if you are not going to feel those burns. And these Latinas guarantee burns on you after interacting with them. Words cannot describe the passion these ladies have within them. There is therefore no doubt they fit perfectly in the 10 top Chaturbate models.

6. Ashlyeroberts

Ashlyeroberts1 in sports bra
  • Followers: 793k
  • Language: Spanish
  • Body type: athletic
  • Another beauty from the city of the kingpin Pablo Escobar – Medellin, Colombia

Check her out on Twitter and be sure to follow for the latest updates

Colombians are ruling this world – they have the looks, the moves and even their voices expresses the sexuality that you want to receive. And Natalia (as she prefers), has everything you can ask for. She also loves interacting even outdoors, how crazy is that? Do you have weird fantasies, which begs for being exposed with some cam girl? Because this cutie is open to new experiences. Just whisper whatever you want because she will make the magic happen. She is naughty and she will not play hard to get…

5. Ezra

Ezra in a baggy shirt without a bra
  • Followers: 425k
  • Language: English
  • From New York

Be sure to check out her Twitter

You can get Ezra’s nudes and vids here:

Ezra has her own demands, she requires you to be kind and treat her with some respect. She loves backdoor fun, but there are many things she cannot do. You may think, is there anything she is capable of, but don’t worry – her body, looks and toy rides compensates everything. She is truly beautiful and truly full of sexapile, so if you are willing to have once in a lifetime experience – be her guest, and treat her right!

4. Sellapink

Sellapink webcamming
  • Followers: 793k
  • Language: English
  • Body type: Slim

She is rather serious about her privacy and does not reveal much. Follow her on Twitter to get the latest information on when she is going live.

Young and naughty – two words describing our little treasure. Full of potential and full of moves when it comes to playing with herself. The way she tends to grab herself makes you wonder – can you, please, never stop? She will therefore make you excited and your mouth dry. And her ass… oh my… you have to see that in action. Such curves are to die for. But we think, that she is not a supporter of a saying “nice guys finish last”, so the question is – are you bad enough for her?

3. Chroniclove

Chroniclove posing in the street
  • Followers: 892k
  • Language: English
  • Body type: small and curvy

Check out and follow her on social media:

Get access to her Premium Snapchat to receive daily pics and vids!

How naughty can you handle? Because she can provide as much naughtiness as you desire. She has this one huge toy, which extracts cream all over her. Chroniclove is in her mid twenties and has been performing for about 7 years now (yes, she is full of experience).  She seeks to spread positivity, but we all know that her “positivity” strengthens our “satisfaction”, if you know what I mean… She will make you wanting more. As she says herself “the girl you wish lived next door”. Would you have what it takes if you would be that neighbour of hers?

2. Caylin

Caylin in bed
  • Followers: 1.12M
  • Language: English, Italian, Spanish

Check out her social media:

Get access to her pics and videos on Onlyfans

Caylin is a naughty version of Snow-white – beautiful and fit body, coal dark hair and moves, which will make every man fall in love with her. She loves traveling, as she says. She loves treating big and black toys, which obviously destroys her, but it makes you wonder – some people are just made for that. Caylin is capable of getting you excited even before you notice that you are in her room. Let that sink in…

1. Siswet19

Siswet19 in her bedroom
  • Followers: 1.08M
  • Language: English, German, Dutch
  • Cam girl since 2014

Check out her social media accounts:

Get access to her pics and videos on Onlyfans

It is not a surprise why Elise (as she prefers) is listed as the top Chaturbate model – her way of treating enormous toys is just ridiculous. And more importantly – she goes backdoor with them. She definatelly exceeds every conceivable limit you can imagine. Her love for performances shows the passion she is putting in for you . If you however thought that 9 inch toy is a huge one – you haven’t seen her stockpile… You just haven’t seen such type of cam girl anywhere near these kind of pages. Sometimes you have to think twice whether this is for real. The answer will always be – yes… every… freaking… minute…

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