Everything You Need to Know About Premium Snapchat

Considering a career of becoming an adult content model on Premium Snapchat? This wholesome guide will help you start doing it by explaining how to do it through on one of the most popular social media apps – Snapchat. More precisely you will be selling access to your Premium Snapchat account. So, in case you are interested in doubling or tripling your monthly income by making money of your own pictures and videos, you are on the right path.

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By the way, the pictures that you are sharing do not necessarily have to be nudes! Those can also be your private pictures in a sexy lingerie. Anything as long as you can keep it interesting and hence paying.

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Here your will find out what is Premium Snapchat and difference between public Snapchat and Premium Snapchat. Be sure to check out also our list of Top 10 Premium Snapchat accounts. If you have been wondering where to sell access to your Premium Snapchat and how much you can make with Premium Snapchat, you are in the right place. You will also find out information about payment methods for receiving money and taxes. Besides that be sure to check out our tops on charging for the access and promoting your Premium Snapchat.

Premium Snapchat explained

Premium snapchat girl

Let’s begin with the basics and the back-story of Snapchat within the context of this rapidly growing industry! Snapchat is a widely known social messaging app that can be deployed beyond what appears to be it’s main purpose.

Snapchat is very popular among pornstars, cam girls, adult models for the fact that whatever you send to anyone disappears immediately. This allows anyone to really go beyond themselves and express oneself in all the possible ways. Most commonly it is adult content, nudity and so on. Premium Snapchat is just a regular Snapchat account you are selling access to as an adult content model.

Public vs. Premium Snapchat

A rule to always remember – Public snapchat is where you’re posting intriguing stuff to get your fans to pay for your Premium Snapchat. For them to actually want it! Of course, it wouldn’t harm if you’d also post stuff from your private life, but remember not to express your real name or your address, phone number and so on. Stay safe!

Then, once you’ve gotten them there – Premium Snapchat is where all the dirty stuff comes in. Don’t set any limits and your fans will surely be satisfied with their purchase. On Premium Snapchat you can let your followers know about, for example, your today’s schedule – some shows, some clips you’d be posting, freaky pictures. Keep them excited!

4 steps to start making money with Premium Snapchat

Step 1: Set up a public Snapchat account.

Step 2: Get traffic to your public Snapchat account.

Step 3: Create another – Premium Snapchat profile. In the settings of this separate profile, thick the box to only receive and send Snaps to persons who are added on your Friend’s list. This way you also make your Snap Stories available just to them.

Once you see your Snapchat audience grow, offer your followers to be added on your Premium Snapchat account. You are in 100% control about who is on it, you simply need to make sure that they do the payment and once you’ve received it, you can offer them what they’ve purchased. 

Step 4: Make the offer (most probably on your public Snapchat profile or another promotion site) → Receive the payment → Add the user on your Premium Snapchat profile! 

You may of course choose on your selling model – for instance, one months’ access for $10, yearly for $50 or a life-time access for $100.

And why is Premium Snapchat so famous for this? It has many features. For instance, your fans can turn on Notifications for your Premium Snapchat and hence, receive a note whenever you post something new on any other of your profiles (for example, Instagram), going online for a camming, etc.

Tip from us!

Just in case, make a back-up account and keep track on who are your paying customers, save their names and everything. This way you can stay safe if your account gets deleted. You do not want to risk all the work and effort you’ve put into building your fan’s base by being a bit lazy and hesitant in, for example, making a simple Excel sheet of your Fans’ account names.

Important! Be aware that selling adult content on this platform is totally forbidden. However, there are ways to go about this as it is always in life regarding… rules. The penalty? Snapchat completely deletes your account without any chances to get it back.

So, you might be wondering – what is the secret to having a successful career by selling access to Premium Snapchat and how to not get your account deleted? To find answers to these questions, stay with us! 

TOP 10 Premium Snapchat accounts

10. Putri Cinta

Putri Cinta profile picture
  • Language: English
  • Height: 5’1”
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Breast size: C

Make sure to follow her social media:

Putri is a model and an actress from Indonesia. Now, she has, for sure, made her way out in the world and moved to Los Angeles, CA. But originally Putri comes from a small village in Central Java, Indonesia. Putri says that her passion is to travel and see the world. She started modelling as hobby, but now it has become her full-time hobby.

Fun fact about her name: ‘Putri’ means princess in Indonesian. And ‘Cinta’ is translated as love. Be sure to check out what this lovely princess can offer.

9. MelRose Michaels

MelRose Michaels in hot lingerie
  • Language: English
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Breast size: DD
  • Height: 5’3”

Follow her social media:

One of the hottest redheads I have ever seen! This beauty is basically on every social media possible and she got a good reason to be there… Or two reasons? She describes herself as a country girl, published lingerie model, top webcam model, Instagram influencer, Youtuber, podcast host… That’s a pretty good resume if you ask me.

8. Eva Lovia

Eva Lovia in bedroom
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Language: English
  • Height: 5’3”

Check her out on social media:

Eva is a former porn star from the U.S. Her family tree is truly interesting, which gives her that rare Japanese-Spanish mix. She is very active in her Premium Snapchat account and provides daily content.

Fun fact on Eva: before becoming an adult model, she was working for Hooters. And she has graduated college with a degree in Psychology. No wonder she is such a communication master.

7. AutumnFalls

AutumnFalls in bikini
  • Language: English
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Breast size: F
  • Height: 5’3”
  • Eye color: Brown

Be sure to follow her on social media:

This girl takes care of her privacy and does not reveal much except for the content she offers. In 2019 she joined Pornhub to try out her career as a porn actress. That was for sure a success! She became the most favorite Pornhub newcomer.

6. Alvajay

Alvajay in bikini
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Breast size: DDD
  • Height: 5’0”

Check her out and follow on social media:

Alva has been raised in South California, but now moved to the place of possibilities – Nevada. Even though, raised and living in the U.S. Alva has a Mexican roots. She engage into communication with her subscribers and promotes exchange of photos. Be aware that she will accept a subscriber within 48 hours. As most of the girls, Alva will also remove you from the subscribers if you take screenshots or make recordings.

5. Riley Reid

Riley Reid cute selfie
  • Language: English
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Eye color: Green

Follow her social media accounts:

I would say she is too cute for porn, but her 1 billion views and more than 1 million subscribers on Pornhub prove me wrong. Riley is a perfect combination of cute face, sexy body and naughty mind. Luckily for us she can manage her time efficiently and give us a sneak peek in her private life on her social media accounts.

4. Lela star

Lela Star teasing
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Eye color: Brown

Check out her social media:

Lela is a true star in Pornhub. She started her career back in 2006 and is one of the most popular porn stars of this decade. She is from Florida, but her Cuban origins add Caribbean spiciness. Lela is open to communication and chatting with her subscribers. Her experience in the industry surely does provide an added value.

3. Dani Daniels

Dani Daniels and Eiffel Tower
  • Orientation: Bisexual
  • Breast size: C
  • Height: 5’7”
  • Eye color: Blue

Look at Dani’s social media:

Dani was born in California, but her origins are a mix of Czech, English and German. She has that European vibe to her. She has an established adult industry career which started back in 2011. Her Premium Snapchat is filled with content on a daily basis. Dani is very open, so if you follow her on social media, you will feel connected to her.

2. Babe Molly

Babe Molly in lingerie and heels
  • Language: English
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Breast size: D
  • Height: 5’2”
  • Eye color: Brown

Her social media:

Good girl gone bad. She really loves dressing up in sexy outfits and messing around with stepdaughter/stepsister roleplay. Needless to say, D size boobs on that tiny frame look phenomenal!

1. Lana Rhoades

Lana Rhoades in sexy outfit
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Breast size: D
  • Height: 5’3”
  • Eye color: Blue

Check out her social media:

Lana Rhoades is a name everyone knows in the adult industry. She is the highest ranked porn star on Pornhub across all time periods. Her popularity on FanCentro and selling Premium Snapchat access surely comes from her career in Pornhub. But there is a lot girls can learn from the way Lana manages her Premium Snapchat.

Getting ranked as a TOP Premium Snapchat profile

It is not that easy and will not come fast. But with a nice and thought-through style, some charm and creative thinking, you can surely do it. The best part about being in this business is that there are no boundaries. Same as there are technically no rules or sexiness boundaries. Whatever you are, whatever your looks and characteristics – blonde/redhead, tiny/chubby, shy/extrovert – it is certain that someone will find you appealing.

Still, you might wonder why would anyone pay for my content and how do I sell my Premium Snapchat to a paying audience… Well, the answer is quite simple. Public Snapchat account is how and where you should really be able to persuade your followers to see more. And by more we mean – more passion, more creativity, more YOU. 

This gets us to the next step – how do people find my Snapchat account and how do I get paid.

Where to sell Premium Snapchat access

Selling your Premium Snapchat account is not as old fashioned as it might seem. There are many websites that offer this in a very easy manner from the users’ experience point of view. 

TOP 5 websites to sell Premium Snapchat access

  1. FanCentro
  2. IsMyGirl
  3. IndieBill
  4. ManyVids
  5. Reddit


Sign up on FanCentros website and begin making money by selling private access to your not only Snapchat account, but also, for example, Instagram. FanCentro sends you an e-mail whenever someone requests to purchase your account’s access. And you, later on, by yourself add this user’s account name on the respected list (Premium Snapchat). FanCentro allows you to keep track of your social medias’ Members.

You can keep 75% of what you’ve generated and receive the payment in one of the forms:  SEPA, ACH, CHECK, WIRE or PAXUM.


Sign up and promote your Premium Snapchat. You will create a profile and post regular feed content that can be accessed by registered users who follow you. This works as a monthly subscription where your followers pay, e.g., $10 or $50 per month. IsMyGirl also differentiates between premium feed where you can post pics and videos. It can be a bundle or one pic video that can be unlocked for a payment.


Sign up and sell your content. As easy as that. Easy setup and a safe way to receive payments. You will get 85% of the price for which you sell the content/subscription. The content will be delivered to the purchaser automatically, so you do not have to input any effort in dealing with buyers. For that IndieBill charges $0.95 per transaction, regardless of the price.


As the name suggests, ManyVids is one of the most popular platforms for selling your videos, but you can also sell pics. Create your profile and sell your content there. Some models promote their Premium Snapchat accounts by uploading compilation of their Snapchat videos and selling access to the Premium Snapchat profile. There are many ways how to do it, but be sure to do it.


Besides these websites Reddit is also one of the most attractive places for selling Premium Snapchat access. Be sure to check out these sub-Reddits:

How much can you make selling Premium Snapchat subscriptions?

The key in reaching the highest income levels is depending on many, many aspects.

Firstly, be sure you can deliver. You should be clear about what you are offering and this can really take some time and effort to convince your audience to transfer you the money they have hardly worked for just to see more of you. Even more so, if your prices are high. 

Secondly, again, decide on your tactics. You might as well begin by offering a kick-off price. A sale, a discount. Or you might even do this randomly when you have already spent some time doing this , for instance, when you feel this month’s income stream is slowing down, offer a special price. 

To be more clear, the income can vary from $100 to $10 000 per month. There really isn’t a middle road. There are more successful and less successful models. You are both the marketeer and the performer.

Charging for Premium Snapchat access

As a beginner you would generally charge very small amounts. Say, starting from $5 per month. Then, as your Follower’s base grows, feel free to upper your price. Or you can go straight to charging a lot, but you need to meet the expectations.

What many models do, when beginning to sell Premium Snapchat access, they offer great deals for their first customers. For instance, “First 20 buyers may purchase my Premium Snapchat access for only $20 and get a LIFE-TIME ACCESS”

Generally, the prices for average and high profile models can be around $10 per monthly subscription, or $50 for a yearly subscription. That is all based on your popularity and quality of your content. 

You should be able to have a sense of what your audience would most likely be ready to pay. In case you’ve set the price too high, remember you can always lower it or make a campaign/sale as mentioned before.

Promoting your Premium Snapchat

A good thing here is that many web platforms that provide listing of your profile, are making sure it drives traffic. So, you can relax a bit, however, if you are yourself, too, putting efforts in growing your popularity and fans base, you would surely profit in the long term.

Some of the easiest ways are social media, but remember that you’re not allowed to post too adult-ish content on them. Also be careful about exposing your Premium Snapchat account sales.

A bit more complex – website and SEO. We have seen some models really getting into it by developing their own landing page. Here you would need a deeper knowledge of how websites work, how to they accumulate traffic, etc.

A bit old fashioned for the industry, but still works – Snapchat Takeovers. This is great because, you’d be taking over one of your friends/colleagues’ Snapchat account that surely has a different audience, fan base. So, this is a very direct way to target new fans since you can already be sure that they are willing to pay. 

Affiliate Marketing – joining an affiliate program will mean that Affiliates are putting in effort to drive traffic to your provided links and they would be earning money by commission for each client they bring. Some sites, such as FanCentro offer this already. 

Still, one of the best ways to promote your Premium Snapchat account is to be active on Chaturbate and promote your account there. By doing cam shows on Chaturbate, you can be sure that there is an audience that would be most willing to pay. If you are new to camming, check out our guide on How to Become a Cam Girl.

Payment method and taxes

The best way to stay safe in this area is to partner with websites that are compliant with the taxes. That way you do not have to worry about it yourself. Best way to safely receive payments is via FanCentro and their payment methods or IndieBill.

As stated before, try to stay out of using Paypal, since it will ban your account if it notices you are receiving money for adult content.

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