How to Make Money on Chaturbate

Making money on Chaturbate can be achieved in several ways. You can approach it as a way to generate passive income by joining Chaturbate Affiliate Program or you can use it as a go-to platform for webcamming as a Chaturbate broadcaster. Although there are many webcamming sites Chaturbate is the largest one and their affiliate program is the best I have seen so far. Most of my experience comes from affiliate marketing and this guide will be focused primarily on money-making as an affiliate, but if you are rather interested in webcam modeling I highly recommend reading our How to Become a Cam Girl guide as it covers all the ins and outs of this controversial career path.

How much Chaturbate pays?

For affiliates:

As an affiliate you can choose between 3 programs:

  1. $1.00 pay per registration + $50 per broadcaster + 5% referred affiliate income;
  2. 10 tokens per registration + 500 per broadcaster;
  3. 20% of money spent + $50 per broadcaster + 5% referred affiliate income.

You are not necessarily restricted to only one program. By choosing your linking code (more about this later) you determine which program is being used. I would suggest to go with the first program only if you want to make a quick buck and your target audience comes from low income countries. Second program is obviously not for money making.

Third option is called “Revshare” and is best suited for those who want to earn passive income in the long run – I highly recommend this as it has worked for me flawlessly. You get hefty 20% of everyone who spends money on Chaturbate after they have signed up via your affiliate link. And there is no time limit. I’m still getting commissions from users who have signed up 4 years ago. Besides, there are plenty more potential future spenders that haven’t spent anything yet, but are going to. Aside from this you also get $50 for every webcam model who signs up and 5% of your referred affiliate income (users who sign up via your links and also use Chaturbate Affiliate Program to make money).

For cam girls:

Chaturbate models earn 5 cents on every token they receive. So to earn $1 you need to earn 20 tokens. The minimum withdraw amount is $50 so you need to make at least 1000 tokens. Read more about this on How to Become a Cam Girl.

Token price

The actual money spent on those tokens from buyers’ perspective is higher than models get in tips as Chaturbate takes its commission (roughly 50%). The more tokens user buys, the cheaper they cost – 100 tokens cost $10.99, but 500 tokens (plus 22% Bonus) relatively cheaper – $44.99.

How to make money as a Chaturbate affiliate?

100 dollar bill on the road

This is close-to-zero investment strategy. The only investment is going to be a domain name (~$10 a year) if you wish to create your own whitelabel. No website hosting or coding skills needed. Your main goal is to generate high-quality traffic. And by “high-quality” I mean targeted audience, because generating high traffic doesn’t necessarily mean those users will actually convert and buy tokens. Roughly, you can expect 1 to 5 of 300 visitors to register and 1 out of 100 registered users to spend their money. Maybe more, maybe less depending on your traffic quality. So focus not only on driving traffic, but also targeting audience who actually may be interested in tipping webcam models. Finding your audience is the key and I will cover this in more detail later.

Chaturbate whitelabel vs affiliate links

A whitelabel is your own domain name with your unique branding hooked to Chaturbate website with all its functionality out of the box. This allows you to use your unique domain name instead of long Chaturbate affiliate links or subdomains in your promotional materials. A whitelabel is more convenient and easier to remember, hence I suggest you to stick to whitelabel option. Let’s get your hands dirty and build your own Chaturbate whitelabel!

How to build Chaturbate whitelabel:

  1. Go to Chaturbate Affiliate Program and sign up there.
  2. Buy a brandable domain name that is easy to promote. For this use or Try to use .com and make it as short as possible. If you have chosen to target a niche (lesbians, bdsm, gay etc.) make sure your domain name is related to your niche. You are going to invest a lot of time and effort here, so better treat it like a real brand. However, I would rather pick something unrelated but short and easy to remember than keyword stuffed domain name like “”. Try to sound credible so users don’t think that you are a scammer or some copycat. 
  3. Add SSL so your domain starts with “https://”. You can do it for free on Make sure your encryption mode is Flexible otherwise you might encounter some problems with hooking your domain up to Chaturbate.
  4. Create a new whitelabel. Go to and click on “White Labels” tab. Then add a new whitelabel and customize it. Keep it simple or decorate it like a Christmas tree but try to get your logo to look as good as possible. It might get tricky since image quality is decreased when you upload an image. Pay attention to every detail and make sure your colors look good on every page. You are asking people to spend their money on your site so make sure it looks credible!
  5. Now add a domain name to your whitelabel.
  6. Add your payment info. Chaturbate accepts plenty of payout options.
  7. Done! Now go and get some traffic!

How to get traffic to your whitelabel?

Affiliate marketer making money on Chaturbate

Getting traffic is the trickiest part and there is no single right answer that would make everything easier. Getting traffic is hard work and takes time and consistency. Probably you have seen videos and gifs on biggest porn sites that have watermarks on them with shady looking domain names on them. That’s one way to do it. And by using this method your goal is to upload as many videos as possible and to do it often and do it everywhere! This approach is extremely saturated and requires to use software such as Adult Video Blaster to get enough reach.

Besides tube-uploading method you may want to consider other ideas to get traffic to your whitelabel. Regardless of what I suggest – try to think outside the box. I know it’s not much of a help here, but doing what everyone does has never worked to anyone.

When was a destination for many adult content seekers it was an incredible place to grow your social following and redirect traffic to your whitelabel. Just by reposting, downloading and re-uploading content on Tumblr you were able to get followers quickly. When you got to 10,000 followers the rest was a piece of cake. Your Tumblr profile got organic traffic (google) and users were sharing content actively. Unfortunately, since the end of 2018 Tumblr no longer allows adult content and it’s hidden from the public eye. There are other social networks that you can still utilize by posting adult content. Here’s a list of some good Tumblr alternatives:


Niche content

Posting random adult content may target too broad of an audience. Everyone watches porn, but those who buy tokens on Chaturbate may not think that flashy porn stars and perfect camera angles are hot. Amateur and homemade videos are something closer to webcamming content – more intimate, real… You got the idea. There is a bunch of webcam and self-recorded videos by girls who publish their content online since selling nudes independently has become a convenient side hustle for many young women. Just browsing through and may give you enough content to start with. You can also double down on other categories and fetishes if you think that may reduce your competition on your social network of your choice. 

Piggyback method

This is a little hack I used to get extra followers. Basically, google “top trending pornstars” or browse through new webcam models on Chaturbate to find new models who have a decent following but haven’t created Twitter profile yet. Even if they have, sometimes those usernames have extra characters or digits and clean version of the username is still available. Just take it, make it look real, retweet some tweets with model’s hashtag in them and you have got yourself an account that grows on its own that doesn’t require nothing more than occasional retweets. Twitter allows to add a website to your profile – this is a perfect place to put your whitelabel in and get some traffic. 


SEO (search engine optimization) is a strong weapon in the digital marketing world. Social networks and other Web 2.0 sites (sites that use user-generated content) have a great domain authority that you can always use to your advantage. Thousands of pages from sites like and rank on Google on many keywords. By simply answering to questions and providing value to topics that are related to webcam models, webcam sites and selling nudes may help you to not only grow your following but also get some organic (Google) traffic as those pages have a good chance on ranking on Google. 

Besides utilizing Web 2.0 sites you may want to consider building your own blog. Although doubling down on original content creation is definitely not the easiest route to take, it pays off in the long run. SEO may seem like a cumbersome topic to grasp, especially for those who have no experience with digital marketing, but it all comes down to delivering value. As long as you give answers to questions people search on Google by providing relevant and quality content, you are doing fine. Also read some articles on or listen to their podcast (highly recommended), get some basics clear on blogs like,, and soon you will be able to call yourself an SEO expert (or at least get good enough to build sites that drive traffic). 

Market research

Market research is crucial here. Get comfortable with Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner and use sites like to find ideas for your articles. Get your hands on Ahrefs and SEMrush (both paid, but you can get a free 7-day trial) to do a competitor research – explore what content others create and how well they rank, and if you think you can do a better job – go for it! Also a free tool called MozBar has proven itself to be very useful to me. 

Honestly, most of the sites ranking on adult topics are crap. Most of their backlinks (very important Google ranking criteria) come from spammy websites. Even though everybody says adult niche is saturated – I believe there is always room for a niche website that provides quality content.

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