How to Become a Cam Girl in 2020

This article provides a detailed information on how to become a cam girl and explains all the aspects and principles of webcamming. This step-by-step guide is intended for both those who are new to this and those who already know the basics.

Here you will find out the basics of webcamming and things to keep in mind, as well as cam girl’s know-how. Be sure to check out tips and tricks every cam girl should know. You will also get an explanation of commissions and earning models, as well as more detailed information about the stuff you will need as a cam girl. For those who are serious about this, I have prepared a detailed explanation on registration in Chaturbate.

Is it true?: Thousands a month as a webcam model

There are hundreds of posts about webcamming screaming “make thousands a month as a cam girl”. Naturally, the question is whether it is true or someone has come up with a great scam. Fortunately, this is true. You can make a lot of money with webcamming.

How much do cam girls make? While the top webcam models can make even $100’000/month, you will most likely make around $4’000-$8’000/month in the beginning. But be aware that this is not a zero-effort thing.

Here is a short example on how you can generate income. You earn money through tokens that users give to you. For example, on Chaturbate you make $0.05 per 1 received token. Generally, you should aim for at least 1000 tokens per hour when broadcasting. That way you remain competitive (this will be explained later). The math is simple: $0.05 x 1000 tokens = $50 per hour. If you maintain this (on average) for 4 hours per day, you get $200. Doing this for e.g. 20 days per month (around 80 hours) gives you about $4000 per month from broadcasts. Doing this for 4 hours a day is not easy, but it pays off. After a while you should be able to generate the same and even more for working 1-2 hours a day.

But your earnings should not stop with just broadcasts. Sell your pics and videos on Chaturbate for additional tokens. This will generate you tokens even when you are offline. You can and should sell your videos also on Manyvids and Snapchat as that will bring in additional money. You can get as much as from broadcasts by selling pics and videos. Once you have established yourself in the camming community you can make even more by selling pics and videos.

What is webcamming?

Webcamming or camming is the process of using a webcam to stream yourself online on dedicated cam sites in exchange for tokens or credits. 

Webcamming is typically associated and the majority of broadcasters are girls. However, it has become increasingly popular among guys, and transgender people, too. 

In the last decade webcamming has become very popular. It is incomparably more socially accepted in the US and Western Europe. The trend of webcamming is booming. Despite the increasing popularity, this is not an industry where you cannot compete if you have not been there from the beginning, as it is with, for example, cryptocurrency.

You do not need a large initial investment to do this. In fact, you can start off with a zero investment, if you have the basic necessary tools. 

What is a cam girl?

Cam girl wearing stockings

A cam girl, also referred to as a webcam model, most commonly is a person performing intimate adult shows in front of a webcam. However, non-intimate shows are also an option. It is not mandatory to get naked, but results will generally be considerably better with intimate shows. There are many users who enjoy building a connection with the cam girl. Intimate part of the show in many cases is secondary. 

Activities performed by a cam girl are broadcasted live in the camming site where the cam girl has registered. Users or viewers of the broadcast are watching and chatting with the cam girl live. Users tip the cam girl to achieve specific objectives set by the cam girl, reach a goal where a cam girl does a predetermined activity, or simply to show their appreciation to the cam girl. 

Keep reading to learn how to become a cam model. There are many creative ways how to keep users interested and attracted to the show that allows to earn more tips.

Equipment needed to become a cam girl

There are not many things you need to become a cam girl. Of course, to follow some tips and to increase your competitiveness you might want to invest a little bit into some gear. But to start your webcamming career all you need is the following…

Cam girl’s starter kit

  • Personal computer or laptop. Most likely you already have this item. But in case, you are thinking about using a tablet or a phone, it might not work. You need a fairly decent processing power for your computer and a software that allows you to broadcast yourself is recommended. Broadcasting software works both with Windows and MacOS. You will need at least 2-4GB of RAM, with which most computers and laptops are equipped. 
  • High quality HD webcam (1080p). Most laptops are equipped with a webcam, but it might not be sufficient. To start camming you can use the built-in camera, as most cam girls have done. Generally, you should upgrade after a while. If you do not have a HD built-in webcam than the investment into an external HD webcam is truly a must (webcams are not that expensive). Webcam is one of the most important tools you need. It does not matter how you look, what you are wearing or how you have set up the scene, if camera does not provide a high quality video. 
  • High speed internet connection. Good internet connection is a must. If you are planning to do this on your hotspot, your stream quality may decrease. At least 2 MB/S (Megabytes per second) of upload speed is required for webcamming. The better your speed and connection, the better the user experience. If you are using a slow internet connection, viewers most likely experience lags and might move to watch your competitors. You should aim for as many viewers as you can get. The more viewers you will have, the higher the chance of experiencing lags during your broadcast. 

Camming Room: Basic needs for your camming area

There are several basic rules of thumb that you should stick to when setting up the camming room. Please note that these are an essential must for you camming area:

  • Ensure that your chosen room is completely private. If you are sharing a flat with someone, make sure that you can lock the door. You do not want someone coming in the background or distracting you. 
  • Clean environment. Keep it minimalistic so that your viewers are not distracted by elements in the background, e.g. clothes, various household items and anything else that could draw viewers’ attention. Except if you want to draw your viewers’ eyes to some specific object.
  • Contrasting background. The background of your broadcast is very important. It can be a neutral color (off-white), or quite the opposite – something very bright (yellow). But the key is that you must stand out on your background and that your background stands out among other broadcasters.
  • Protect your privacy. Most cam girls do not want to be recognized outside the camming site. Therefore, keep all items that might give away your location hidden. You do not want anyone to see what is outside your window or your university merchandise hanging around the area. 

Best webcam sites for cam girls

There are many ways to title something as best of the kind. We have created an overview of the best webcam sites from a cam girl’s perspective. As a cam girl you are interested in several key aspects of the website:

  • The traffic of the webcam site (i.e. how many users visit the site);
  • Competition (how difficult it is to compete with other cam girls);
  • User spending tendency (i.e. do users actively engage in your performance or are they just watching);
  • Token conversion rate (i.e. how much money will you receive from the webcam site for each token the user has spent).

These are the most popular cam sites

  • Chaturbate
  • BongaCams
  • MyFreeCams
  • CAM4
  • LiveJasmin

But being the most popular does not necessarily mean that they are the best. Some of these webcam sites attract many viewers. However, viewers are not very interactive and do not tend to get involved in the show by tipping amounts that can be turned into a profit. 

We recommend registering on Chaturbate and building your cam girl career there. In comparison to other webcam sites, Chaturbate is by far the most popular one. It has the highest traffic and users on Chaturbate tend to spend more than in other sites. 

Without a doubt Chaturbate is also the most competitive site. That means that there are many girls who have just started camming and many girls who have established their profile. But you should not be afraid of the competition. Most cam girls have made their fortune through Chaturbate. It might not happen in the first month. But when the money starts flowing in, it surely will be worth the effort. 

It depends on the preferences, but Chaturbate is also a more professional looking site, without all the annoying pop up ads and features that, for example, BongaCams has. Chaturbate also offers some great features that other sites do not, such as selling your videos, underwear, etc. Some of the other cam sites do offer similar features, but Chaturbate is by far the leader. And with Chaturbate you know that the viewers are into these things. It is simply your work and effort to attract these viewers. 

Keep reading to get some general as well as in depth insights on how to make money with cam modeling on Chaturbate. 

How to become a cam girl

  1. Stand out in the small webcam thumbnail pic when someone is looking through cam girls that are online. Most cam girls are sitting, standing or laying directly in front of their camera. There are few examples of cam girls that generated massive income and succeeded very quickly because they came up with something new. One of them was laying on a sofa, but the camera was set up from the above. It stood out and generated massive attraction, which converted into tokens. Another girl used a green-screen in her background. She placed various untypical places for camming, such as jungle, pyramids, forest, etc. Your initial goal is to get more viewers to your room. Play around with camera angle, poses and accessories that stand out in the small cam icon. Keep in mind that there will be 84 other cam models in one Chaturbate page. 
  2. Keep your background clean from random items. Socks or books and other things that typically are in your room should not be lying around the scene. Bright background is one way to attract attention, but make sure it is not disturbing when watching the show. 
  3. Lighting is critical. You must carefully think about the lighting in your performance. Lighting makes the curves of your body stand out. It can be used as a tool by playing with shadows or angles. Generally, daylight is fine for your performance if you live in a sunny place and perform only during days. But it comes with various aspects to consider. Such as – for how long the light coming through your window is sufficient, etc. If daylight is not sufficient or you are streaming during late evenings, you should consider external lighting sets. You can do with just few items and improve your show incredibly.
  4. Use the “New” tag opportunities. For 7 days from the day you have been age verified, you will be tagged with a “New” cam tag. This is a very important period for you. Make sure you have done some research, organised your camming area and have some ideas on how to attract viewers. Use this period wisely. Most users joining do not know what to do and their cam icons do not look very attractive. That is what you must explore. Do your research on Chaturbate Apps and Bots and how to use them. Think of the ways to engage your viewers. 
  5. Communicate with your viewers. Be open and greet them, talk to them. Tell them stories. Most of the viewers seek connection with you. They go to cam sites because they want live interaction with a person. Do not make your camming area look like a porn scene. Keep it real. Or go on with full porn scene experience. Depends on you. As long as you can stand out.
  6. Before doing an actual cam show, do a test show. Record yourself from various angles, do something else each time. Talk, laugh, blow a kiss, do whatever you would do in your cam show. Then look at the video and analyse which is the best angle. Think about what stands out, how close or far from the camera should you be. Pay attention to lighting. 
  7. Have ready social media accounts. Share them from the first day. Be active there. Post when you are going online and stick to the schedule. Communicate with your followers also when you are not camming. Share some thoughts, sending them wishes or whatever you can come up with to keep them interested. After the first week, most of your traction will come from social media accounts. If at some point you are among the most watched cam rooms, also from Chaturbate itself. At the beginning, most of your social media followers will come from Chaturbate. So be sure to insert links to your accounts.

Tokens conversion and payout explained

Token price differs depending on the cam site. Sites also offer a variety of payment methods, starting with credit card and ending with crypto and wire transfers. Tokens cost more than a cam girl gets at a payout. Chaturbate takes hefty commissions, but in all honestly the payout is quite good. 

Chaturbate takes 40-50% commission of the payout to cam girl. What you actually get is $0.05 per token. That means to make 5$ you need to get 100 tokens. But not really, because Chaturbate makes a payout only starting from $50. Which means that you can actually receive money when you have made at least 1000 tokens.

It sounds a lot, but 1000 tokens per hour (at least) should actually be your aim. In the beginning you will probably make less. But if you learn quickly and become attractive with being different 1000 tokens per hour will not be difficult to achieve.

To get your payment you must fill out the payment information by going to affiliate section/payout information. 

To convert your tokens to money you need to go to your broadcast section and click on the “Token Stats” tab. Or you can go click on the tokens or “My Profile” in the top right corner. There is a section “Transfer Tokens” so from there you can insert the amount of tokens you want to convert to cash. 

Chaturbate offers you 4 payment methods: Paxum, check by mail, wire transfer or Direct deposit. There are two payment periods: 1st to 15th and 15th to the last day of the month. Payment is made within 7 days of the period ending.

Chaturbate token prices, if paid by credit card

  • 100 tokens = $10.99 USD
  • 200 tokens = $20.99 USD (5% bonus tokens)
  • 400 tokens = $39.99 USD (10% bonus tokens)
  • 550 tokens = $49.99 USD (22% bonus tokens)

Viewers can purchase more tokens, but that is subject to increasing spending limit, which requires verification quite similar as the one for cam girls. 

Chaturbate registration

Chaturbate registration is free and there are no requirements to submit any personal identification documents at this stage. However, to receive tokens and get paid, you must verify the age by submitting personal identification documents.

Chaturbate allows you to register without linking the account with your email and adding your credit card. However, we advise to register your email in case you forget your password and to receive relevant information, e.g. about your payout status. Chaturbate does not include your email in the random mailing list to spam newsletters (so far it seems to be true). They also do not sell the mailing list of the users (at least they claim so). 

Be aware that once you have registered, you cannot change the username. Although, you can create a new account and contact Chaturbate to transfer tokens from the old account to the new one. 

Once you have filled out the information you have been registered as user to Chaturbate. The registration does not differ for users and broadcasters. So after this you are just a regular member of Chaturbate. As a registered user you can broadcast yourself, comment and tip tokens to other cam models. But there are certain aspects you must consider, if you want to earn money as a cam girl. So keep reading.

Chaturbate age verification

Technically, there are no requirements except for registration if you want to broadcast yourself. But if you want to receive tokens from your viewers (and you do because it is the main idea of doing broadcasts), this is the moment when you must verify your age to Chaturbate. 

There are 2 steps you need to complete to receive tokens during your broadcasts:

  1. Conclude the Performer Agreement. You must electronically sign a standard Performer Agreement with Chaturbate. By signing the agreement you verify that you are at least 18 years old and agree to Chaturbates general rules.
  2. Upload photos of your personal identification document. You must upload 2 photos:
    • a photo of your Passport or Drivers License. The uploaded photo must be clear and high quality. Full name, date of birth, issue date and expiration date must be clearly visible. 
    • a high quality photo of you holding the personal identification document (one that you will upload) next to your face.

Sometimes users experience problems with age verification denials. Make sure your photos are of a high quality and all the necessary information is visible. Additionally, consider that you should look like the person in the identification document. Some problems may arise if the photo on your personal identification document is outdated. If you are converting your photos to a PDF file (recommended), make sure that the conversion does not ruin the quality.

Once you have signed the agreement and uploaded the required photos wait for the verification confirmation. As soon as you get the confirmation from Chaturbate you are good to go.

Customization of your bio

Once you have been set up to make the big buck you want to make your profile look as intriguing as possible.

Fill out the basic information fields in the Bio section. Tell your viewers about your sex, interests, location (but think about whether you want anyone to know from which city or state you are). Chaturbate automatically updates the statistics on your followers that is also shown in the Bio section. Another basic information you can include is the languages that you speak.

Even though main communication in Chaturbate is in English, it is definitely worth to include any other languages that you know. It might help to connect with potential followers and viewers. Additionally, many Americans like how other accents sound. So if you can speak English in the Northern Ireland’s accent, it might intrigue someone. There are various tricks on how to intrigue Chaturbate users by customizing your profile. 

There are other fields of information you can fill out in your Bio section. But it is not mandatory so it is up to you. Such information includes date of birth, body type (recommended, as for some of the viewers body type is an important criteria) and indication of whether you smoke/drink. It also includes a description of your body decorations. If you have any, this is a good place to intrigue your viewers, by not revealing the exact spot (if it cannot be seen immediately). 

Other descriptive fields of information is the “About Me” field and your “Wish List”. Now, the “About Me” is the place where you should provide an insight about yourself. Think about what you would say to a person that you have just met and want to maintain a flirty intrigue about yourself. Another thing to keep in mind is that Chaturbate is not a Pornhub. Your “About Me” description does not need to consist of porn phrases. Of course, if you have set up a porn scenario type of cam profile, go for it!

Upload pictures and videos in bio

Webcam model sitting on the bed

There is an option to upload your pictures and videos in the Bio section. You want to use it! Do not overdo it, but be sure to upload a couple of pictures. You might not request tokens for one or two pictures that do not reveal anything, yet will intrigue anyone who opens them. Pictures provide a nice way to see you even if you are not online. If you have not uploaded pictures and/or videos, chances to attract new viewers while being offline significantly decreases. Video is always a good idea, but make sure that it is below 150MB and saved in a general format, such as .wmv, avi., mpg., etc. 

While Chaturbate community considers social aspects, such as your character, taste in things and what you like, do not think for a second that it is not about looks. It might be about the social connection later on, but for someone to come into your broadcast, you must look different and/or appealing to that someone

You can also request tokens for your pictures and videos. Do it. It will provide nice additional income outside the broadcast and keep the money flowing while you are offline. Include you Snapchat name, link your account to Manyvids to make sure you keep earning outside the broadcasts.

Upload a customized image in your bio

Once you have filled out your Bio information, it is a block of text which does not look too appealing at the first glance. We recommended to upload a customized picture that instantly shows what the user can expect to see in your broadcast. You should be different than all the other cam girls. We recommend to find a niche or do your broadcasts in a unique way. Your custom image should tell the viewer how you are different (not necessarily by words). 

You can customize the image in Canva or Adobe Photoshop. Make an appealing picture of yourself. Tease your viewers with that picture. Make them want to watch you. You can add text with the main information on the picture, e.g. main rules, come up with some kind of a game, tip menu, etc.

Here is a tip: mention your best tippers in that picture and change it frequently. It will give more incentive to your tippers.

What are Chaturbate Apps and Bots?

Apps and Bots allow you to customize the broadcast experience for users. Most popular Apps and Bots used by webcam models are the thank you messages, greetings when someone enters the room, tip menus, etc. There are endless options you can choose from. Without Apps and Bots the broadcast experience is rather plain, so you sure want to use them. Apps and Bots increase the involvement of users watching your broadcast and helps you to communicate with them. 

While these features are called “Apps and Bots”, they are not apps that you need to download. You can set it up with few clicks by choosing the ones you like from “Apps and Bots” tab. All these features offered by Chaturbate are free. You can create a new App or update an existing one to suit your needs. You just need to know your way around JavaScript

The main difference between Apps and Bots is that Apps set the theme for the broadcast, e.g. Tip Goal, and Bots are more technical in nature. Bots allow you to customize the color of text messages appearing in the chat. You can also set up automatic messages, notifications (e.g. of tip menu or rules of your room), etc. Essentially, through Apps you control your broadcast by choosing one App that will set the activity. It can be the Tip Goal, Roll The Dice or any of the toy controller Apps, such as Lovense. Whereas, Bots are like your secretaries. Through Bots you can send automated messages and notifications when someone enters the room. Some can silence viewers that do not follow your room rules. 

However, there are many overlapping Apps and Bots. such as Tip Menu, which you can find both in Apps and Bots. Honestly, does not matter what you call it. Pay attention to the descriptions and compare similar Apps and Bots to find the best one for you. Be aware that you can choose up to 3 Bots, but only one App. 

You can change Apps anytime you want. Don’t change your Apps during a broadcast with viewers, but you can start each broadcast with a different App. Test out how your viewers react to your choice of the App. Once you have some regular viewers you will be able to figure out broadcast methods that they like or do not like. It also depends on your mood and time availability. Some methods for broadcasting, such as Tip Goal are lengthy. If you set a goal of 1000 tokens it might take longer to acquire 1000 tokens than through, e.g. Tip Menu, with which you receive certain amount of tokens for activities predetermined by you.

Tip goal is one of many effective ways how to get tokens. Especially, with various versions of the App that allow you to send in fake tips to make other think that the goal is worth it and you are recognized by other tippers.

Be sure to test most of them. Find Apps and Bots that viewers like and that you like. If you cannot wait for the Tip Goal to end, there is no efficiency of having it. 

How to set up Chaturbate Apps and Bots

Setting up Apps and Bots is super easy. Just start a broadcast and go to the “Apps & Bots” tab.

From here you can access all Apps and Bots available to you. For both Apps and Bots, setting it up is similar. Just press on “Launch App/Bot” as shown below. 

And that is it. You are done. If you want to deactivate your App or Bot, go to the “Apps & Bots” tab below your broadcast and click on Deactivate this App. 

Best Chaturbate Apps and Bots – your cam show options

Best Chaturbate Apps

  • Tip Goal: One of the first Chaturbate apps. One of the most simple and effective apps. Set a goal of e.g. 1000 tokens and state what you will do once the goal has been reached. Tease your viewers, talk with them and wait for viewers to tip a total of 1000 tokens. After the goal has been reached, do what you have said and allow more tips to come in. There are various versions of this App, so be sure to check out them all.
  • Tip Goal King: Similar to Tip Goal, but highest tippers get highlighted in the chat room. It is a minor change, but can change a lot. Those who tip more than others gain recognition and it is easier to build this Chaturbate relationship with the viewers. It is therefore easier for you to know which of your tippers are the most worthy of your attention. 
  • Crazy Ticket: Through the Crazy Ticket you can sell tickets to your hidden cam show. You set a ticket price and viewers can tip the set amount of tokens to acquire the ticket. Once you have achieved your token goal, you can start the show. Your cam will be hidden from the public room and only the viewers who purchased tickets will be able to see you. Chaturbate community likes the Crazy Ticket option. Most likely, because unlike with regular group shows, the viewer pays the full price of the ticket and then enjoys the full show, therefore not seeing the token balance drain over time. 
  • Keep It Going: A game where all viewers put their tokens in a tip jar to trigger a show. The show starts when the amount of tips set by you has been achieved. When the show starts, the tip jar empties at a pace set by the cam girl. Cam girl sets the interval (in seconds) and quantity (number of tokens) and the tip jar empties. Once the tip jar is empty, the show ends. 
  • Tip Menu: There are various versions of Tip Menu that differ in the amount of items. You have versions with 10, 20 and even 40 items list (though, I am sure you can find even larger lists). No need to fill in all the items. Keep in mind that in most versions the first menu item and its price is displayed under your video and is seen before viewers enter your room, so be sure to insert a good one there. For example, menu item “show feet” costs 20 tokens, “blow a kiss” costs 40 tokens, etc. Be creative with your list items. Offer classics, but add something that could become your signature thing. 
  • Lovense “whatever app”: There are many vibrators that react to a sound, probably the most popular being the Lovense. This might be one of the most widely used toys in cam shows and sure has its benefits. You can set up the menu (i.e. how intense and how long the vibrations last for a certain amount of tokens) and some other customizations to the chat room, including thank you messages. While there is a Chaturbate App for Lovense vibrators, it might be better to use the software developed by Lovense itself. It works with all major cam sites, you can customize notifications and other features, but most importantly, through this software the vibrator reacts exactly to tips. Meaning, you can set precise intervals, intensity of vibrations, etc. depending on the amount of tokens tipped. 

Best Chaturbate Bots

  • All In One Bot: This Bot is like your ultimate assistant. It includes notification features in the chat room, color customization, king tipper notification, multiline notifications that can be used for you room rules and even a tip menu. While there are other useful features that the All In One Bot does not offer, these truly are the essentials combined in one Bot. 
  • Auto Tip Thank You: As you can guess from the title, this Bot sends an auto thank you message after you receive a tip. That is pretty much it. 
  • Roll the Dice: This is one of the examples where a Bot is also an App. Nevertheless, a good game for your viewers. You can set the cost per one roll of the dice and prize, depending on the outcome of the roll. It offers other customizations, e.g. the maximum rolls one viewer can buy at one time. In a classic mode, the game uses 2 six-sided dices and for no logical reason Chaturbate even manages to roll a 13 on two dices where the highest number is 6 (it happens very rarely though). 
  • Token Poll: Effective Bot that directly involves your viewers into your broadcast. You can create a poll of up to 5 items, set tokens required to vote for each option and viewers can help you choose what comes next, or whatever you wish. 
  • Auto-moderator: A very useful tool that allows you to determine specific words, phrases and graphics that are not allowed in your room. If anyone types the word or phrase in the chat, the Auto-moderator Bot will automatically warn and upon a repeated violation of your rules silence the person. 

Broadcasting program (external encoder – OBS)

We definitely recommend you to use external encoder, such as OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). It allows you to stream higher quality broadcasts. If you have a good quality webcam (which is required on your way to success as a cam girl), the webcam is not much good with streaming through Adobe Flash. Through use of external encoders Chaturbate allows you to stream high definition up to 4K. Moreover, Chaturbate transcodes the stream in different qualities, so that your viewers with slower internet connection would not suffer from you streaming a 4K. 

OBS is an open source tool available for free on Windows, Mac and Linux. Setting it up is really easy. 

  1. Download the OBS from;
  2. Open “Broadcast Yourself” tab in Chaturbate;
  3. Click “Use External Encoder to Broadcast”;
  4. Click “View RTMP/OBS broadcast information and stream key”;
  5. Copy your broadcast token;
  6. Go to OBS Settings and then “Stream”. To choose Chaturbate as a Service, select “Show All” in the Service dropdown. Paste your broadcast token in the “Stream Key”.
OBS stream settings for cam girls

Once you are done with this, you have set up the OBS. But to make sure that your streaming quality uses your streaming kit to the full extent you need to configure settings best matching Chaturbate. Scroll down to see recommended OBS settings and step by step guide with screenshots on how to configure it. 

Recommended OBS settings

To make the most out of your broadcasting adjust the OBS settings as shown below.

Output settings

Enter the following settings:

  • Video bitrate: 3000 Kbps

Video settings

Enter the following settings:

  • Base (Canvas) resolution: 1280×720
  • Output (Scaled) resolution: 1280×720
  • Downscale Filter: Bilinear
  • FPS: 30
OBS recommended video settings

Selecting and setting up camera

This is a 3 step guide for setting up your camera. You are just moments away from starting to becoming a cam model. 

  1. In OBS sources section click on the “+” sign to add your webcam.
  2. Then select “Video Capture Device”.
  3. Select your camera from the list. Selected resolution in the “Preset” field must be similar to the Base (Canvas) resolution you set up previously. FPS should be set to 30. 
OBS video capture device
OBS video resolution settings

If you are using a webcam with a higher resolution, you can always change the resolution settings. You can always try them out and change if something does not add up. If you have a good webcam and want to stream in higher quality scroll down for Advanced Webcam Configuration.

Advanced webcam configuration

There are 4 steps you need to follow to understand and set up the best resolution your webcam supports. 

  1. Find the maximum resolution of your webcam (typically it will be indicated on the box or you can just google the model). For example, Logitech C920 has a resolution of 1920×1080.
  2. It is important to know few technical parameters of you internet connection, namely – upload bandwidth (Upload speed indicated in Mbps). You can check your upload bandwidth through Chaturbate (recommended, as it will check it against the closest Chaturbate server): 
  3. Keep in mind that in selection your resolution, do not choose a higher that maximum resolution of your webcam. Your resolution must also be supported by your internet connection.
  4. Change or set up your OBS settings in “Video” tab.

Output settings

Check the table below to see the recommended output settings for Chaturbate. These settings depend on the resolution you have set up. 

ResolutionVideo bitrateAudio bitrateFPS
853×480800 – 1200 Kbps96 Kbps24 – 30
1024×5761200 – 3000 Kbps96 Kbps24 – 30
1280×7203000 –  5000 Kbps96 Kbps24 – 30
1920×10805000 – 8000 Kbps128 Kbps24 – 30
2560×14408000 – 12000 Kbps192 Kbps24 – 30
3840×216012000 – 20000 Kbps192 Kbps24 – 30

Go to “Output” tab in OBS.

  1. Set up your video bitrate corresponding to the resolution and your internet upload speed. 
  2. Set up your audio bitrate.
  3. In the “Encoder” field you should use Quicksync or NVENC over software (x264), if you have such an option and your computer supports them. 
  4. If your CPU usage is too high you can lower the “Encoder preset” which by default is set to very fast. To do so you must enable “Advanced Encoder Settings”. 
OBS advanced settings

Once you are done with all this, you are good to go!

Remember that you can always change these settings and be sure to frequently check in on this post, as we regularly update variations of settings recommended by the cam models. 

3 important things to keep in mind when streaming with OBS

Make sure that you always keep in mind these things as it is very important for your safety and good performance of your broadcast. 

  1. When you are done with your broadcast click “Stop Streaming” in the OBS. Logging out of Chaturbate or closing the internet browser will not stop the stream. You must stop the stream through the broadcasting encoder that you are using, that is – OBS. 
  2. Do not upscale your source input. If you are using a 1080p webcam, do not choose anything higher than that. 
  3. Make sure that you are using minimum video bitrate specified in the table above for the chosen resolution. 

What is a Chaturbate Moderator?

Moderator is someone who helps the cam model ensure that everything runs smooth during the show. Any Chaturbate user can be a Moderator chosen by a cam girl. Cam girls can set different time periods for which the Moderator has the status, from 1 day to 6 months. 

This is a useful feature to use. Especially, once you have established some deep connections with some of your viewers. Keep the Moderator status exclusive and do not grant it to everyone. Keep in mind that you can make the viewer feel special by granting him Moderators rights. Be sure to evaluate whether that person will actually make sure that there is order in the chat room.

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