Chaturbate Token Value in 2020

If you are looking for an explanation on Chaturbate token value calculation, you are in the right place. Chaturbate – the most popular website for cam girls offering intriguing experience. It ranges from dirty sex talk to out of mind sexual performances in live cam shows. But what is it all worth?

For some it is a real, monthly stream of income that does not come with ease. Luckily, you can always enjoy a live show for free on Chaturbate. Although, if you care to make it interesting you can contribute by paying tokens. Purchase Chaturbate tokens and contribute, while depending of your chosen models’ price offering state your fiercest desires. But of course, all of this comes at a real cost. So, what is the Chaturbate token value?

Chaturbate token value for viewers

Guy with a dollar buying Chaturbate tokens

To begin with, you must register and become a member of Chaturbate. This will allow you to purchase tokens and have some control over what you can get out of the site. The more tokens you purchase at once, the less is the price of one token (from purchaser’s perspective).

Taken you are a member of the site, Chaturbate offers various packages in US dollars. This makes up the cost of Chaturbate tokens as follows:

  • $10.99 USD for 100 tokens
  • $20.99 USD for 200 tokens – which means 100 tokens cost $10.49 USD
  • $39.99 USD for 400 tokens – which means 100 tokens cost $9.99 USD
  • $44.99 USD for 500 tokens – which means 100 tokens cost $8.99 USD

Be aware that these package options that Chaturbate offers might differ from person to person. I have not noticed that the pricing would differ, but the amount of tokens you get and the payment you need to make could differ.

You can also upgrade your account and become a Chaturbate supporter which opens up extra options for you. As a premium user you can get rid of the ads, enable private messaging and customize chat fonts and color options. This is a subscription based option which goes for $19.95 USD per month. With your first upgrade Chaturbate gives you 200 free tokens to use. Be aware that the subscription does not include any other tokens and you are required to purchase them separately.

Once you have purchased the tokens, the fun begins! You can choose from 4 categories: female cams, male cams, couple cams and transgender cams. Take notice: it might get addictive!

How to spend your tokens wisely?

What you definitely don’t want to do is to waste your tokens. Being a member and holding tokens gives you many rights and tools to play with. You can ask the model to perform your own desires. Being a member also allows you to interact with the model by chatting. You can also contribute together with other members to reach the models’ set goal. After you reach the goal, you will get the prize – a special kind of show or performance. There is no official strategy to get the greatest outcome of your investment. Rule of thumb – do not spend many tokens while testing all the options!

By being a member and owning tokens you can join Private shows. Private shows are exclusive acts performed just for you or a limited audience. The price is determined by the model/models individually. For couples’ Private shows can cost up to 60 tokens per minute.

Chaturbate token value for models

Chaturbate token value

It might be clear by now that collecting tokens is how models make money on Chaturbate. As a model on Chaturbate, you receive $0.05 for each token you have earned/collected from your fans. That means: 

  • 10 tokens = $0.5
  • 20 tokens = $1
  • 50 tokens = $2.5
  • 100 tokens = $5
  • 500 tokens = $25

Chaturbate withholds forty to fifty per cent of the token value you have earned. To easily calculate your revenue, remember that each 100 tokens is $5 in cash.

Bear in mind that as a model you must receive at least $50 in tokens to claim your hard earned money in real USD. This makes a 1000 tokens benchmark for you to set as your goal. By the way it is a thing you will need to decide upon when beginning a live cam show. And yes, the 1000 benchmark might seem a lot in the beginning. But it helps the site keep up the competition and quality of webcam shows.

And it is not at all impossible to earn 1000 tokens per hour within couple of months. You will need to set a desired token goal for which you should determine an activity. You will perform the activity (a special show) once the goal is reached. This helps you to have your viewers engage and feel sort of like they are gambling. 

To learn more about webcamming and becoming a cam girl, read out guide on How to Become a Cam Girl.

How much money can you make broadcasting on Chaturbate?

Chaturbate is one of the largest camming sites out there. In 2020 Chaturbate is among the TOP 70 most popular websites, according to Alexa global websites ranking and the 3rd most popular website in Adult category. So, you can be sure that the numbers of members on Chaturbate is sufficient to make your efforts pay off. 

Again, it is not easy to tell an exact number of what can you make per day. However, there are certain observations to draw an approximate evaluation. Generally, you can make about $4’000/month from broadcasting on Chaturbate. This number is based on assumption that you aim to make around 1000 tokens per hour. If you succeed to do that for 20 days, working 4 hours per day, you end up somewhere around that number.

There are days when you could earn 100 tokens per day, as well as 10’000 tokens per day. Most popular webcammers or those oftentimes ranking on the Featured tabs’ first three rows make around $1000 per day and more.

But be aware that most cam girls do more than broadcasts to increase their income. The most popular option is selling videos on their Chaturbate profile and also on Premium Snapchat.

Broadcasting tactics and tips

There are a few different ways to broadcast, taken that the audiences vary as well. You can choose, if possible, to broadcast in couples or groups (say, 3-4 people) or to broadcast solo (individually). Often the most lucrative, profitable form of earning tokens would be private shows. For private shows the sums are set per minute. Depending on demand for your private show, you can determine 6-60 tokens per minute. There are models working on Chaturbate by applying this exclusive type of camming only. This way you might be earning twice the normal, average amount. 

To define your best tactics in order to collect tokens is to test it out. However, the general observation is that solo female webcammers tend to earn more than male solo webcammers. Also, take into account that the audience for male performers will mostly be male viewers. On the other hand, couples might as well outperform solo performers. 

All of this is very generic, of course. What mostly this depends upon is your style, your physique, the setting and your vibe. But most importantly, the time of the day or even the mood of the audience. Also, your broadcasting frequency determines your ranking, or the number of your fanbase.

Remember that taking care of traffic to your Chaturbate profile is also your own responsibility. This is a question of how you position yourself in social media. Be sure to invest time in marketing. This includes letting your fans know about the times you will be online, what will you do and how do you plan to entertain them.

Converting Chaturbate tokens to cash

Models’ most concerning question of all – how to convert your tokens into cash and how to finally transfer it to your bank account? Quite a simple question, that can sometimes cause hardship. Firstly, what you must know is that you can only withdraw / turn your earned tokens to cash once you have earned at least $50 worth of tokens, which equals to 1000 tokens.

However, do not get frightened – you do not have to earn this by ONE try only. The tokens do not vanish, they are always being collected, stacking up in your account under the My Bio section → “Token Stats”. So, in case you are a tiny bit short to withdraw, you still have a chance to do some more live shows. Let’s look at the withdrawal procedure step-by-step:

  1. Go to your Bio page and look for “Token Stats” tab, click it.
  2. Make sure you have earned enough to be able to withdraw and look for the “Convert to Cash” button, click it. 
  3. Click on the “Submit Request” to get your payout.
  4. Be sure you have correctly set up your payment info in your Profile Settings by filling the “Payment Information Form”. In case all of that is set, wait for the money transfer. 

Although, be aware of the pay periods:

  • 1st – 15th dates of the month payment is sent out by the 22nd
  • 16th-31st dates period is sent out until the 7th.

Do Chaturbate token generators work?

You have most probably have heard or at least seen an ad about token generators that would provide you with loads of free tokens for Chaturbate. And as much as we would like it to be true, after conducting a research, we have found that in reality there are NO Chaturbate token generators that would really do the job. The thing you would most likely get is a unfriendly computer virus or perhaps a hacker attempt or leakage of your personal data or whatsoever.

It is definitely a trap. Doing all the steps a Free Token Generator site would ask from you, and then getting to finally download the wonderfully promised magic software, would cause troubles to either your account or your computer as well as waste lots of your precious time. So, better save yourself the energy and go legally experience the joys of what Chaturbate has to offer.

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