Top 10 Best Cam Sites in 2020

Dive in this freshly compiled list of the best cam sites. Here you can find information on the user experience from the viewers perspective. In addition, this article provides information on the conversion rates from cam girls perspective and other valuable aspects. If you are looking to become a cam girl, check out our complete guide on becoming a cam girl.

It is not a secret that watching typical adult sites equals to being a passenger in a Lamborghini. Yeah, you can still feel the excitement that follows while someone is driving that beast, however, you can not affect the way how the driver is thinking and how he is handling the wheel. Sure, you can still get something out of it but you cannot control the the way how your naughty bits will get rubbed against that devilish leather seat. 

Why we are saying that? Cam sites gives you an opportunity to be that driver. You can get that one insane excitement for managing your own routes and traffic and bumps. Yeah, you heard us well – you can set your own rules and actions. So, if you are willing to see a girl, who performs in a way you prefer – forget the adult sites and join these best cam sites.

Criteria for selecting the best cam sites

Webcam model in lingerie

We consider these the best cam sites due to several reasons. Our team took into account following criteria:

  1. Traffic of the site
  2. Google search trends
  3. Complexity of the site
  4. Variety of provided categories
  5. Ad pop-ups
  6. Token value

These 5 components allowed us to determine, which are the most demanded sites currently in the market. By looking in detail, we also examined reviews and whether it is possible to attend free rooms. Token prices also mattered, therefore we have conducted the list you can see below.

Also, regardless of the numbers – we tried to objectively evaluate whether the provided variety of girls could be enough for satisfying different interests, so that each viewer might find that special cam girl he is willing to donate all the time in the world. 

Best cam sites

Check out the table below to get a quick overview of the 10 top rated cam sites:

SiteTrafficCompetitionUser engagementToken conversion
JerkMateLowMediumLow35% (for Golds)


Boudoir photography

First impression of the IMLive – site developers forgot that we are living in the 21st century, thus leaving the interface under construction. The site itself is not very popular (for example, like Chaturbate). The models you will find there are not going to be the most gorgeous ones. You have to take that into account. Registering on IMLive is free and there is no membership fee. You have to purchase only for credits if you choose to use them.

For general viewers

Generally, rooms are free to watch. There is not however anything worthy to look at. Private shows are where the action starts but you are required to pay credits. You might get a free teaser for few seconds or couple of minutes but after that you will be paying credits. Honestly, the experience of using this site with and without credits differs significantly. Without paying credits to the performers you get only limited access and at some point you will be required to pay credits to stay in the room.

Cost differs significantly for rooms. Some cam girls (or Hosts as they call them) will charge you $0.98 USD while others might be asking $5.8 USD per minute of the show. On a positive note, at least the calculation and credit value is easy to understand.

You can buy:

  • 25 credits for $25 USD
  • 50 credits for $50 USD
  • 100 credits for $100 USD

for cam girls

This site allows you to charge members from $0.98 up to $5.8 per minute ($14.9 if you are a porn star). You, as a cam girl, can determine whether you want free riders or not – just make your room private by requesting entering fee and the deal is done. It is possible to perform in groups and therefore provide adult content while being live.

Without doing anything additional as IMLive affiliate you end up with a 30% commission (or 35% if you are a top model). Moreover, if you choose to participate in their affiliate program, upon successful referrals you can earn more. Generally, you could make considerably more on other webcamming sites.


Flirt4Free cam model

The interface is quite attractive since the girls you can see, immediately after entering the site, are presently active. So you already have a choice to select one of the girls you might desire. The site offers you female, male and and transgender performers. Models here are indeed beautiful and gorgeous, so we guarantee you will find a one you desire here. 

The site is structured in a way that you can attend free rooms and the log-in tab does not pop’s up. So if you are willing to see a girl performing on other people demands – you can easily do that. The section, where different categories ar provided shows how many girls per each category presently performs, so you will able to find something alike very fast.

As a general viewer you can use the site without registration and watch the models for free. But be aware that preview is limited in some cases and you will be required to register. Registration itself does not require any payment from you or credit card information. However, if you want to receive the 120 credit bonus for registering on the site, you are required to provide your credit card information. You need the credits if you want to watch private shows. The experience decreases significantly if you do not enter private shows.

For general viewers

Flirt4free offers the following possibilities to purchase credits:

  • 90 credits for $10 USD (9 credits for $1 USD)
  • 225 credits for $25 USD (9 credits for $1 USD)
  • 500 credits for $50 USD plus 50 credits for free (10 credits for $1 USD)
  • 1050 credits for $100 USD plus 150 credits for free (10.5 credits for $1 USD)
  • 2750 credits for $250 USD plus 500 credits for free (11 credits for $1 USD)
  • 5750 credits for $500 USD plus 1250 credits for free (11.5 credits for $1 USD)

In addition, you can purchase a monthly VIP membership which unlocks a variety of additional features. These include access to archives and your recorded show, receiving special VIP deals, free videos and other features. As a VIP member you will stand out in the chatroom and you will have an option to disable seeing non-premium users in the chatroom. The VIP membership however does not provide for an unlimited access to shows and you still have to pay credits. Be aware that membership renews automatically.

There are three membership options that differ in period and the amount of credits you receive in addition to the membership:

  • 30 days VIP membership for $39.95 USD plus 150 credits for free ($0.75 USD per day)
  • 90 days VIP membership for $99.95 USD plus 450 credits for free ($0.90 USD per day)
  • 180 days VIP membership for $179.95 USD plus 900 credits for free ($1 USD per day)

Considering the cost of the VIP membership it does not seem like worthy investment. There are other sites that offer you the VIP features without the membership fee.

For cam girls

If you want to broadcast yourself on Flirt4Free know that you can make from 27% to 50% of the received credits. This site uses the so called sliding pay scale model. It means that your conversion rate depends on the amount of credits you have accumulated during the payout period.

Each girl is allowed to choose their own per-minute rate, so you can be your own boss now. Also, in case of customer chargeback’s/card declines, you will still get paid by the site itself.


Black & white girl in lingerie

JerkMate, appereantly, tries to provide maximum-level secrecy for its cam girls. Comparing to other sites – you cannot see all the girls, which are using this site so you are already limited in your actions. You have to answer to few questions, which are related to your preferences and only after submitting your answers, the computer selects the models that would be suited for you. Other than that – you can quite easily comprehend all the information, which is emphasized there since the site is constructed in a very simplified manner.

For general viewers

The first thing, that catched our attention was the unavailability to enter free rooms. Sure, you can click on a girl you have selected but after few seconds you will be required to log in to your profile. The good thing is that you can select a body type you prefer and the site will automatically display some results – so you do not have to waste a lot of time for browsing and scrolling.

Registration is free and the site does not charge you with a fee for basic membership. However, upon registration you are required to enter your billing information. Jerkmate will charge you automatically if you enter pay-per-minute shows the prices of which are visible before entering. In addition, to paying the pay-per-minute charge you can tip the performer with Golds. The calculation is simple: 1 Golds equals $1 USD.

There are several options how to use the site. You can watch the performers for some time for which you might not be required to pay. Generally, once the action starts you will be required to pay per minute of the show. Alternatively, you can initiate a mutual live camming with the performer (i.e., cam2cam experience). For this however you are required to pay. Prices vary depending on the rates set by the performers.

For cam girls

You can receive weekly/monthly donations from you fans, if they are loyal enough to you. If, for example, during the live show you get tipped by 1 Gold, eventually you will receive 0,35 dollars per this one unit. A true drawback for this site is of course the lack of traffic.


Webcam model laying in bed

StripChat has a black theme, some weird design elements and interface, which provides different kinds of categories from which you can select most desired one. It allows you to attend free rooms, however since the traffic is quite low,  you will not be able to find the most gorgeous models there. Cam quality however is lower than in other leading cam sites.

For general viewers

The concept of the site is similar to some of the major cam sites like Chaturbate. Registration is free of charge. You can watch free rooms and tip the performers to reach set goals if you so like. Alternatively, you can participate in private shows.

  • 90 tokens for $9.99 USD (9 tokens for $1 USD)
  • 200 tokens for 19.99 USD (10 tokens for $1 USD)
  • 520 tokens for 49.99 USD plus Gold offer (10 tokens for $1 USD)
  • 1080 tokens for 99.99 USD plus Gold offer (11 tokens for $1 USD)
  • 2340 tokens for 199.99 USD plus Gold offer (12 tokens for $1 USD)

The price for the tokens is quite similar as in other sites. If you choose this site and you have find your dream girl there, you can add her to your favorites list and whenever she is online, you can turn on your computer and start spending some quality time with her. 

One of the cons – if you receive the notification which indicates that your cam girls is ready to perform, you have to use a laptop. Due to the complexity and inconvenience it is not recommended to use mobile version. 

For cam girls

Stripchat has a commission of 50%. That means you can earn $0.05 USD per 1 received token. The site itself is not bad and the it has been developed taking an example from the leading cam site. Earning on Stripchat however might take quite a while. Top performers can attract a significantly lower number of viewers in comparison to other large cam sites like MyFreeCams and Chaturbate. This means that you will likely have to stream considerably more to gain the same earnings.


Blonde in white bra

4CAMS is decent in its design, interface is rather acceptable. You can also select from provided hashtags, however it does not necessarily reach the desired outcome. It automatically recognises the state you are operating from thus receiving some information about your preferences. In the context of girls – they are not as sophisticated as you can find in other cam sites.

Cam4 used to be rather popular but it has declined significantly with the rise of other leading cam sites. According to user reviewers they are not particularly happy with the performers on Cam4. The performers also do not tend to choose Cam4 and recommend other sites, such as MyFreeCams or Chaturbate.

for general viewers

Similarly as in other cam sites you are required to register and purchase tokens to enjoy better experience. Although, you can watch cams for free and without registration. Registration is free but it does not give you much. To fully engage into the performance of the broadcaster you need tokens.

The price for tokens on Cam4 is as follows:

  • 50 tokens for $9.95 USD (5 tokens for $1 USD)
  • 100 tokens for $18.99 USD (5 tokens for $1 USD)
  • 263 tokens for $44.95 USD (6 tokens for $1 USD)
  • 525 tokens for $84.95 USD (6 tokens for $1 USD)
  • 1050 tokens for $159.99 USD (6.5 tokens for $1 USD)

You can also upgrade to Gold membership for $19.99 USD per month which provides for some extra features. For example, you can get rid of ads when you subscribe to Gold membership. But be aware that you will still need tokens to engage into tipping cam girls. Even though you can get 100 free tokens upon subscribing for membership, they will likely run out rather fast.

for cam girls

The benefit for cam girls using this site is – you receive 0,1 dollar per one token. So from the financial perspective, you can make more money here, but, since the traffic is quite low, the outcome might not be the one you expected. 


LiveJasmin cam model

LiveJasmin provides a very well designed and structured site, which consists of extrdinanley beautiful woman and girls. There are some exclusive models and ordinary ones, as well as you can select the price range you are willing to pay them. You can navigate within the site quite easily without any additional glitches and headaches. There is also an option to select between male and female performers, therefore all kinds of desires will be satisfied.

For general viewers

Registration on LiveJasmin is free. Most of the action however happens in private shows for which you are required to pay. To stimulate the performer to do one thing or another you can use credits. For example, upon reaching a goal of set credits the performer will carry out a certain promised activity. Or you can choose from a menu and tip her for a specific action.

You can purchase credits for the following prices:

  • 27.99 credits for $35.99 USD (0.77 credits for $1 USD)
  • 67.99 credits for $79.99 USD (0.85 credits for $1 USD)
  • 97.99 credits for $112.99 USD (0.87 credits for $1 USD)
  • 157.99 credits for $178.99 USD (0.88 credits for $1 USD)

So as you can see, the credits almost corresponds to the actual money you have invested. The interface of the site is rather satisfactory and pleasant for general usage.

For cam girls

As a LiveJasmin model you can earn from 30% to 60% from the received credits. The commission you get depends on the total amount of money you have made during the payout period. For example, if you have not been very successful or if you have not streamed regularly you will get 30% commission. If you have acquired more than few thousand bucks, you can make up to 60% commission. Be aware that this tier system measures your income in the actual USD not the credits.


Model in white sheets

To be honest, BongaCams triggers you a lot. It frequently requires you to log in. You have some very limited time you are able to spend here without being disturbed. Also you cannot enjoy free rooms since these requirements pop up.

For general viewers

Although the interface is quite satisfying and pleasant, limitations are really annoying. The girls are beautiful here (from eastern Europe and Russia), however – you are not able to evaluate them, since you are required to set up a profile. We found this very inconvenient in cases when you are browsing around to decide where to land.

Registration is free and you can look at broadcasters for free. Generally, the most action happens in private shows but in comparison to other cam sites performers on BongaCams are rather active. You will be charged per minute of the private show for which the perform sets the price. If you want models to satisfy your specific desires, you will be required to leave a tip.

 You can purchase tokens to tip the performs for the following prices:

  • 36 tokens for $2.99 USD (12 tokens for $1 USD)
  • 111 tokens for $7.99 USD (14 tokens for $1 USD)
  • 285 tokens for $19.99 USD (14.25 tokens for $1 USD)
  • 507 tokens for $29.99 USD (17 tokens for $1 USD)
  • 899 tokens for $49.99 USD (18 tokens for $1 USD)
  • 1354 tokens for $74.99 USD (18 tokens for $1 USD)
  • 9000 tokens for $499 USD (18 tokens for $1 USD)
  • 17980 tokens for $990 USD (18 tokens for $1 USD)
  • 46468 tokens for $2,500 USD (18.5 tokens for $1 USD)

Cost of the private shows for users are as follows:

  • Group chat: 30 tokens per minute
  • Private chat: 60 tokens per minute
  • Full private chat: 90 tokens per minute
  • Voyeur or Spy chat: 15 tokens per minute

For cam girls

A cam girl here will receive on average 50% per 1 token. Only a portion of viewers will leave a tip in regular chat room. I recommend to try and explore the private rooms as the income from those is significantly larger that hoping for random tips. As a cam girl you would make more from users spending tokens per minute of your private show.

Another interesting aspect comes up in relation to the site traffic. BongaCams has a decent traffic to the site but most of it is unique. It indicates that viewers do not tend to come back which results in less tokens tipped.


Camsoda cam model

The site itself is super colorful and the models performing there seems to be rather amateurish and childish. From the first glance it is not possible to select whether you are willing to tip male or female performers, therefore different tastes might not get pleased.

For general viewers

You can watch free cams without registration in most cases. However, the website is not intuitive and you might experience quite some glitches. Registration is free and you get 25 free tokens after signing up. To fully enjoy the experience you will need tokens for tipping the girls. It will allow you to request and receive specific actions to fulfil your desires.

You can get the tokens for the following prices:

  • 100 tokens for $9.99 USD (10 tokens for $1 USD)
  • 210 tokens for $19.99 USD (10.5 tokens for $1 USD)
  • 550 tokens for $49.99 USD (11 tokens for $1 USD)
  • 1205 tokens for $99.99 USD (12 tokens for $1 USD)
  • 3100 tokens for $249.99 USD (12.4 tokens for $1 USD)

Prices for the tokens are similar to previous examples, therefore there is not a big difference. You can still tip well and receive a decent attitude from your chubby bunny. Although we said that the site itself looks childish, it still gives you an access to free rooms, where you can observe these models. 

For cam girls

A cam girl gets paid from $0.05 USD per one token. So essentially as a cam girl you would be making 50% of what the viewers spend. This is one of the most common conversion rate among the leading cam sites. Naturally, the income depends on your activity in the site and ability to attract more viewers who are willing to pay.


Redhead in lingerie

Let’s be honest – the interface looks like shit. Not cool from the user experience perspective. However it is also possible to attend free rooms to understand whether this is for you. Despite the looks this is one of the top cam sites of 2020 due to its magnitude and traffic. This can be explained due to positive reviews of cam girls using MyFreeCams. Because of establishing a good reputation among the cam models, the site has been able to attract a lot of them. Beautiful and active cam girls on the site are the reason it attracts so many viewers.

For general viewers

The registration is free and rather simple and does not take much time. You should not have any problems with buying tokens and afterwards using them. As mentioned, you can also attend free rooms in this site and not engage into tipping.

MyFreeCams token price:

  • 200 tokens for $19.99 USD (10 tokens for $1 USD)
  • 550 tokens for $49.99 USD (11 tokens for $1 USD)
  • 900 tokens for $74.99 USD (12 tokens for $1 USD)

In comparison to Chaturbate, 200 tokens are $1 USD cheaper here, so you can save some money up for your hand cream and tissues. You will be able to find only female performers here.

For cam girls

MyFreeCams offer you $0.05 USD per one token. Cam models have good reviews about MyFreeCams, especially due to the site’s attitude towards the performers. They might be sending you gifts for birthdays, achievements and other things. MyFreeCams is frequently compared against Chaturbate and they are very much alike, except Chaturbate looks like from this century. The main difference is that you are not allowed to engage in sex while performing.


Chaturbate camgirl

Chaturbate is the best and most significant site for both general viewers and cam models. Design, structure and the interface of it is quite decent and easy comprehensible. You don’t have to be a computer genius in order to start browsing and satisfying your own needs there. After entering the site, you immediately get introduced with the variety of the content, which this site seeks to emphasize. Additionally, the preview for most of the rooms is available without receiving a request for logging in beforehand. 

You can choose between female models and male models, couples and trans. Chaturbate allows performers to even have sex while being live, which is forbidden by most of even the best cam sites.

This site also gives you some options if you have already established desires, for example, feet. By clicking those hashtags, the site directs you to the rooms, where cam models tends to satisfy these desires. And it actually works quite well in comparison to other sites.

For general viewers

You can attend free rooms, without even submitting your account details and other legal information, meaning – you have been provided with the chance of understanding whether the available content suits you and satisfies your needs and capabilities. If you have found that one special girl you will most likely end up willing to tip her. Either to help her or to engage in the performance together with her by choosing certain activities. For that you need tokens.

You have 4 options to purchase tokens

  • 100 tokens for $10.99 USD (9 tokens for $1 USD)
  • 200 tokens for $20.99 USD (9.5 tokens for $1 USD)
  • 400 tokens for $39.99 USD (10 tokens for $1 USD)
  • 500 tokens $44.99 USD (11 tokens for $1 USD)

You can acquire a supporter membership for $19.95 USD per month which allows you to send private messages to other users, gives you a clean interface and blocks advertisements among other features. In addition, by purchasing this account you will get 200 free tokens (a $20.99 USD value).

Read our article on Chaturbate token value to learn more.

For cam girls

As a cam girl, you receive $0.05 USD per one token. So for tipped 1000 tokens, you will earn $50 USD. For a cam-girl, the Chaturbate is one of the best places to be for making money. As long as you have necessary skills and looks, general viewers will tip well. Also, there is a chance to block them.

Final thoughts

Based on the extensive research and analytics of traffic and conversion rates, it is fair to say that some cam sites are performing far more better than others. Besides, user experience also counts and tells a lot about the site and potential success there.

If you are looking for a cam model to connect with there is really no sites like Chaturbate and MyFreeCams. You can see the difference in everything. The broadcasting quality, manner in which the models perform, various activities and games for viewers and so on. From a user experience Chaturbate is undoubtedly the best cam site. You should not have any problems finding anything you are looking for and everything is intuitive. Moreover, their customer support is remarkable. Whereas, MyFreeCams lacks the site quality. Cam model performance however is great in both sites.

If you are looking for the best cam sites to make some money and become a broadcaster consider some vital aspects. Your chances at succeeding are far better in sites with a large traffic and high user spending. Competition is always an important factor, but if you do the research before launching your career, you should be able to cope with the competition. For cam models it is again Chaturbate and MyFreeCams. Although, cam models tend to have better reviews for MyFreeCams due to their attitude towards the models. In addition, they organize all the regular contests that allow to make some extra money.

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