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My background

My SEO and affiliate marketing bumpy journey started back in 2008 way before Google’s Panda update when everyone was experimenting with shady black hat (against Google guidelines) strategies and looking for the next bright idea on how to trick Google’s algorithm and rank sites in a blink of an eye. I built a couple of small projects and by ranking them on Google tried to fulfill my dream of passive income. Lame, right? But that was the only thing I thought I could do that didn’t require me any investment. Right after high school graduation when the global economy decided to play a bad joke on everyone (props for perfect timing), earning $500 a month just from writing and building backlinks felt pretty damn good, to be honest. 

I always believed that you can 10x everything if you try hard enough. Didn’t have to wait too long for those hundreds to become thousands, but unfortunately, it didn’t last. Google hit hard. I wasn’t a big fan of the “pump and dump” concept anyways so I was starting to look for something that could generate me a steady stream of income in the long run. SEO didn’t go anywhere. I focused on quality content and building value. Mostly I used Amazon Affiliate Program for my sites, which I still recommend to everyone who seriously considers earning passive income via affiliate marketing. However, nothing ever kept me from experimenting with growing social media accounts and thinking of new ideas. I finally found out what financial freedom actually feels like and this was partly because of one particular thread on BlackHatWorld forum. It made me curious about Chaturbate Affiliate Program and I gave it a try. Never underestimate the power of booty! And more importantly – never stop grinding! Like most of the guys, I didn’t see any results at the beginning and was very skeptical about this whole webcamming thing. Those users who sing up may not spend a dime at the beginning, but they may do even a year or two later. And wait, when you catch a big fish… Even 1 sign-up can bring you 2-3k a month. But don’t get your hopes up! It’s not quick and easy. Seriously. It requires A LOT of work and you need to treat it like a business. Otherwise, you’d be better watching Netflix or whatever you were doing in the first place. 

I hope you will enjoy this blog and appreciate the content shared by my amazing colleagues.

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Richard Fisherman